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Some of our 'What we do' main pages were originally set up for each committee, e.g. Community, Vocational, International, Club Service, etc.,  Most of them are empty or out of date. What should I do?

It's probably best to delete any empty pages and give some thought as to what should replace them. The 'What We Do' pages are there for the public to see. They are not interested in the committee structure or the administration of the club. It's much better to feature pages which draw attention to the clubs community activities.

Some of my 'What we do' pages are blank or have very little text, but I can't delete them because they have related sub-pages showing in the right hand column. What can I do about this.

Presumably the sub-pages are all connected in some way, i.e. youth projects, fundraising, etc., Find a main picture that typifies this type of club activity and give a write-up on the main page that gives a good overview of this type of activity. For example, the main page can describe in genertal terms the different types of fundraising activities you do, and sub-pages can be used for specific fundraising events. Some of your sub-pages might be of sufficient interest and importance to feature as main 'What we do' pages.

I have a page which is marked as 'sticky'. It features a large photo but the photo doesn't appear in the homepage carousel. What's gone wrong?

Check how the photo has been added to the page. It may have been inserted into the 'body' of the page rather than being uploaded it as a 'main pic'. The photos that display in the carousel are always the main pics of the featured page.