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Guidance on homepage style settings

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How can I choose my homepage style?

Your homepage style can be one of the following:

  • Default Carousel
  • Customised Carousel
  • Thumbnail images of 'sticky' pages

What you currently see on the new template will depend upon how your homepage style options are currently set in the admin area and whether you have any pages marked 'sticky'. The following chart will help you decide what settings you want for the new template.

If you choose the combination of settings in the first three columns will get the new template homepage style shown in the fourth column.



Homepage style displayed on the new template

(Homepage style on
 old template)




Default Carousel -

NO YES Customised Carousel (customised carousel)

YES NO Default Carousel -

YES YES Page Thumbnails (page thumbnails)


If what you saw on your home page with the old template was the thumbnails display, you will continue to see the 'thumbnails' version of the homepage with the new template.

If what you saw on your home page with the old template is a carousel display which features your 'sticky' pages, then, with the new template, you will continue to get a 'customised carousel' version of the homepage. You may wish to make some small changes to the titles, descriptions and images associated with the main pics of your featured pages.

With the old template, you may have chosen not to make any of your pages 'sticky'. If so, with the new template, your homepage will show your existing content but will also show the 'default carousel' showing a set of standard Rotary images. The carousel is a particularly effective way of displaying a lot of important information on smaller devices. There is nothing you will need to do. In the future you may wish to consider customising your carousel using ''sticky pages'.