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SECTION 1 - Frequently Asked Questions

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Why a new template?

Setting your home page style

Uploading photos to the Carousel

The "Carousel' Home Page Display

The "Thumbnail" Home Page Display

The "What We Do" pages 

Photo Galleries

Avoiding squashed images on smaller screens

 OOther features of the template

SECTION 2 - Guides (Work in Progress)

Links to guides will be added here as and when they are produced. We recognise that different webmasters have different skill levels. The template guides will attempt to take this into account and where appropriate differentiate between the non-technical, the advanced webmaster and the geek! Further help can be always be obtained via the webmasters forum, accessed from your admin area, or by joining the Yahoo Group.

Using the Text Area

    Uploading Images and making them responsive

    Inserting Text

    Using Tables

SECTION 3 - Tutorial and Video Library (Work in Progress) 

The intention is to include on this demo site a 'library' of up to date detailed step-by-step tutorials and videos, suitably indexed by topic. Wherever possible a skill level will be indicated so that webmasters can choose to make steady progress up the learning ladder rather than being thrown in at the deep end and risk drowning!      There will be links to the library from relevant 'Help Pages' pages of this demo website and pages in the admin area of your club website. 

Meanwhile, please visit the pre-existing Videos and Tutorials page, bearing in mind that many will not yet have been updated and may have out of date screenshots, etc., although yuou should still find many helpful.