Our Projects/ Creating a football pitch in Africa

The Krizevac Project brings a community together

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Creating a football pitch in Africa may not sound like an initiative that will help to transform a community and end poverty. But this is what the new Chilomoni Township sports fields are doing in the heart of Malawi.

The sports fields are part of community transformation activities initiated by Krizevac Project in one of the poorest townships in the world.  They make a steeply sloped area at the base of Mount Michuru safe for the 2,000 children of the adjacent primary school, who use the area for sports lessons; without this project, the mountainside was in danger of causing accidents as it gets washed away each rainy season.  The pitches are also used by the whole community, many of whom are now training and in employment for the first time in the newly created 'campus of learning and enterprise' which sits opposite.  But more importantly the new facilities are bringing together this vibrant community who are working hard to transform their own futures.

The labourers were all Chilomoni residents, being supported to develop their skills by a UK Civil Engineer who dedicated four months of his time free of charge.

Burton Rotarians funded 10% of the £40,000 project.