Rotary & Local Schools/ Horwich Primary School MasterChef Competition

Horwich Primary School MasterChef Competition

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Contestants were asked to enter the competition from each Horwich Primary School whereby they were asked to write their own recipe and make their products in their own school.

Out of these contestants, 14 pupils were chosen to take part in the Final, held at Rivington BR High school, in the Food Department.

The children, who were accompanied by their teachers were given the task of making flapjacks from their own receipe, within a given time of 90 minutes. A wide range of ingredients were made available to the children, the cost being borne Rotary.

The children worked in groups of two or three, but each child prepared their own dish. All children managed to finish their dish within the allowed time.The children were aged 7,8,9 and it soon obvious that these children were used to working in the kitchen environment After much measuring,mixing and finally baking, the flapjacks were put on show for judging.

The Judges were Mr Purcell, Headmaster, Michelle Howard, Business Officer and Keith Maher from the Rotary Club of Horwich. The three judges were asked to score on Taste, Form and Presentation, and the children were asked to go outside for refreshments while the judges scrutinised the dishes.

There was a wide range of flapjacks on display, many including fruits and berries. Each of the children were then asked to come back into the room and present their dish to the judges for comments and encouragement, and to receive a certificate.

The best four entries were given prizes including cook books and utensils, funded by Horwich Rotary Club.