Santa's Fun Run Having Fun and Raising Money for Charity

The Marlow Santa Fun Run with over 2500 runners

The Marlow Santa's Fun Run started in 2005 with about 100 runners.  Since this time it has grown to over 2500 runners.  For some years now, Sir Steve Redgrave has whole heartedly supported the run and for the last 7 years Naomi Riches - the 2012 Olympic rowing medalist - has been a keen supporter.  Naomi organises the pre-race warm up, which is always a brilliant success.  The run has raised thousands of pounds for charity, many of them local, some international.  For many years now we have had to close 'the books' early in November - so popular is the event. 

If you would like to know more about Santa's Fun Run and the charities it supports, please go to  Bookings for the December run open to both postal and web entries on 1st September.