Service above self

What do Rotarian’s do?


May we introduce ourselves
We would like to introduce ourselves and what we do.

So, who are we?
Men and women who live or work in and around Penzance. All walks of life; young, old, working, retired.

We enjoy meeting up and having a lot of fun but we also want to make a difference.

Quotation from a new member....
"In all my years of working, I had NEVER before enjoyed a meeting as much as the first meeting of the club that I went to. I was in stitches! I joined and I've enjoyed myself ever since."

So, what do we do? 
We invite speakers on all kinds of topics. That is, local, international, serious, lighthearted, sometimes controversial, but ALWAYS interesting.

We have social evenings with our families. Visits to local places of interest; breweries, barbecues, skittles evenings, museums, local firms, local pubs, etc....

And we get serious
Organising fund-raising events, local projects, helping young people, local and national charities, older people in the local community, and internationally through charities and projects.    

Please contact us if you are interested in joining Rotary.

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Club Meetings

more Local resident Julyan Wallis, aka “The Guitar Doctor”, spoke to us about his life, love of guitars and the circumstances that led to his many appearances on the BBC “Repair Shop” programme.