How and What We Do/ Tour de France visits Essex

on Monday 7th July 2014

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A Rotary 'Social' with a special theme - 'Le Tour de France'
With the 3rd stage of the Tour de France passing through their parish of Chignal Smealy, Sue & David Fincham had the excellent idea of having a 'Lunch party' and watch the Tour go past.

At 7.00 am Sue parked their motorhome on Breeds road at the junction with Lark's Lane before the road was closed.
A group of 13 Rotary members and wives joined Sue & David's local friends & relatives and made a small crowd. A ploughman's lunch was served - we brought our own mugs, drink and chairs.

It was quite a spectacle with the 'Caravan' of commercial vehilcles coming through at about Noon and the Peleton arriving about 20 minutes behind schedule at 2.15 pm

The slideshow best describes the scene - including shots by French TV [ car & helicopter]
Our thanks to Sue & David for a most enjoyable outing.