This is a joint project between Teignmouth and the Rotary Club of Kollanawa in Sri Lanka with valuable support being provided by local schools in Teignmouth.

Funding for the project has been provided from local collections and the generous support of the pupils, parents and staff at Hazeldown School.  With further involvement and financial support two teachers, Henrietta Letschert and David O’Keefe from Trinity School, acting as Rotary representatives, visited the project during the summer holiday. Their visit ensured that the project was underway.

The group from Trinity School spent two weeks at the site where they found the building programme behind schedule, in the main due to difficulties resulting from the retirement of the head teacher. They traveled to the school every day by the bus, which took 40 minutes, followed by a 10 minute walk to the site. Parents and pupils had completed leveling the ground for the new building but there were no signs of materials. So the group set about painting desks, chairs and cupboards, and making hundreds of metres of curtaining to help divide the classroom teaching areas.

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Rotary has its social side where building relationships and having fun complements the work done in serving the community.

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