President's Christmas Blog

The Presidents 2nd blog shows just how much is going on in the club.


It's almost 6 months into my term so I thought it about time to say something about my view of things from the helm. It is also gives me the opportunity to wish you all a Very Happy Christmas.

Looking Back

Stephen and John       The first thing that comes to mind is of course the sadness of the loss of Stephen and John.  They have left a huge gap in our ranks as they were both outstanding Rotarians.  We sadly miss them.  Appreciations of their work for Rotary are on the website for you to read.

Remembrance Sunday  I was proud to represent Priory Rotary and lay a wreath at the Cenotaph in the Tower Gardens on the 9th of Novemeber.  The event was exceptionally well attended.

Charter Nights  I represented Priory Rotary Club at the Hunstanton and Swaffham Charter Nights.  Peter Tasker and Alan Haines were kind enough to join me at Swaffham.  I had a surprise when I went to Hunstanton though.  Richard High had attended the Hunstanton President's Night during his year of office and advised me I wouldn't have to speak.  You can imagine my surprise when I saw my name on the programme as responding to the toast to the guests!!  Never mond.  Ad-libbing is sometimes the best. Never trust a past president is all I can say!  

Presentation of Associate Member Pin  It was with some relief that I was able to present John Leonard with his long awaited Associate Member pin on 19 November at our Wednesday evening meeting.  I trust we don't have to wait until his two year Associate Membership period is up before presenting him with his Full Membership pin.

Derbyshire Weekend  What a wonderful weekend.  I was surprised at the quality of the accommodation.  Lesley and I came to terms with the 'Mansfield Mile' and enjoyed our first visit to the Duke of Devonshire's home at Chatsworth.  I do hope that we can do something similar next year. 

Ladies' Evening at Thoresby College  Despite the frustrations of a stalled rail journey from London, Lesley and I just made it for the start of Mike Schumann's fascinating talk on the Ffestiniog railway.  It's quite amazing what a bunch of volunteers achieved.  This event was well supported and our thanks go to John Mansfield and his team for organising the event.

Harvest Supper   Another huge success and our thanks go to the Comvoc Committee and of all of those who helped with transport, serving and clearing away.  Waddo strutted his stuff in his inimitable way and was a great success and very much appreciated by the old folk who attended. This year he had a supporting act and we managed to do a duo song.  I must confess that I was less nervous about singing in front of 120 old people than I was about singing in front of my fellow Rotarians.  However, you were all very kind and didn't do too much barracking.

Quiz Night  Phil and his merry band of brothers organised a very demanding quiz night at Park House in November.  Our very own QuizMaster (James) managed to baffle most of us with questions which would have challenged any winner of Mastermind.  A fun evening with friends.

Lend With Care   We have invested