International Aid

 Through the generosity of the people of Rainhill, St.Helens and other areas the Rotary Club of Rainhill not only helped a lot of local charities with funding but were also able to help a number of international organisations.



Some of those organisations are listed below:


Foundation for a Better Life- 1892


A Romania based Charity supporting disabled children. We paid for the construction of a new play area and playground equipment. We also bought a wheelchair.


Wiri School in Tanzania - 2500


A new school in a very remote part of Tanzania only started in 2012 and providing education to a large number of children who either didnt attend school before or had to walk over 10 kilometres to get to school.  We paid for the furnishings in the second and third classrooms.

Associacao Imagine -300


A Mozambique based Charity supporting orphaned children and young people. We bought 50 Mosquito Nets for use in the 5 family homes.


Hope and Homes for Children - 500


An organisation working across Eastern Europe and Africa helping the poorest children in the world, those who are orphaned and abandoned or vulnerable by trying to ensure they grow up in an environment where they have the opportunity to fulfil their potential. We contributed to their placement programme.



2nd Chance Education - 200


A nursery type school in Tanzania where we bought tables for the Kindergarten rather than the children sit and write on the dirt floor.   



Sisters in San Clemente - 400


This is an organisation in Peru providing support and education for children and young people from the very poor areas of that country.  We purchased a computer for use in one of their classrooms.              


Marys Meals - 250


A charity that provides more than 750,00 school meals to children each day in 16 developing countries it being the only meal that child gets, countries such as Kenya and Liberia. We funded the provision of one meal per day for a child in a place of education.


Street Life Project Zambia - 500


This Charity working in Zambia runs two orphanages, feeding over 300 street children on a regular basis.


We have also supported......

  • Two individual university students from Rainhill who have funded their own trips to Tanzania and Uganda so they could work on different projects helping the poorer communities of those countries.
  • The people of the Philippines after the area suffered a natural disaster, providing  emergency shelter and aid boxes and we have already paid for two more such boxes that will be sent to the area of the world suffering the next devastating natural disaster, 
A big thank you to all the people who support our fund raising events.
If you or anybody you know are involved with any International Charity and you feel that we at the Rotary Club of Rainhill could perhaps help, please  contact us.
Contact: ACE Charity 01744 28535      


International Aid sub-pages:

Who we help....

more President Ian led 6 others - Colin B, Jeff H, Ray H, Dave S, Ric & Gordon W, who organised the Foundation sponsored ride for Polio on Thursday 10th September 2020. Thanks also to marshals:- Anne Veronica, John C, Mike S, Angie & Georgina. (3 pages below this)

President Peter King, President of Rotary throughout Great Britain and Ireland, visited our main Warehouse at the end of November.

Shoebox Scheme


International Organisations Supported - 2015/16

more Rotary Club of Rainhill has in 2015/2016 supported the International Organisations listed in the text below....

The Cathedral of San Clemente in Pisco following the 2007 Earthquake

Donation for disaster in San Clemente, Peru

more Donation of £500 approved 24th March 2016

Fiji Cyclone Winston

Disaster Aid UK and IRELAND

more Rainhill Rotary Club continue with their support for the charity DISASTER AID UK and IRELAND