Fighting Words

Fighting Words is a creative writing centre established by Roddy Doyle and Sean Love. They help students to develop their writing skills and to explore a love of writing.

Fighting Words is a creative writing centre established by Roddy Doyle and Sean Love.

Inspired by 826 National in the United States, Fighting Words is located on Behan Square, Russell Street, Dublin 1 - very close to Croke Park.

Fighting Words helps students of all ages to develop their writing skills and to explore their love of writing. They provide story-telling workshops for primary school groups, creative writing workshops for secondary students, summer camps for kids and teens and occasional seminars, workshops and tutoring for adults. All tutoring is free and the emphasis is on having fun. At the end of the workshop the clildren come away with a printed book of their story.

Fighting Words workshops are created and run by volunteers. They include professional writers - novelists, screen-writers, journalists, poets - aspiring writers, student teachers from DCU and all the Dublin colleges of education, retired teachers and many more people who are just keen to be involved in creative work.

Last year Dublin North Rotary had the pleasure and honour to host Fighting Words workshops in our marquee over the two days of the St Annes Park Rose Festival. Many children took part in the workshops, creating wonderful, imaginative stories with the help of talented volunteers.

This year at our annual President’s Dinner over 120 guests paid tribute to the remarkable achievements of Sean Love and Roddy Doyle in setting up the organisation. 
As Roddy explained “We believe creative writing is an essential part of every child’s development and we provide free workshops and programmes, hosting 10,000 young people every year, supported by more than 500 volunteers. The children are given the time and space and encouragement to explore their imaginations, to compose and create. Primary school children leave with a personalised book of their story complete with title and artwork on the front cover and their photo on the back cover. Such tangible validation works wonders in developing self-expression, self-esteem and self-confidence.” 

Such is its success - the Centre is booked out a year in advance - Fighting Words have opened two more centres in Belfast and Mayo. 

Sean Love, in thanking Rotary, spoke about the fact that Fighting Words receives no public funding and relies solely on private donations. “It’s a constant struggle, we are a very lean outfit, but it takes a lot to keep the show on the road. We are very grateful to Rotary for tonights recognition and your continuing support.” 

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