Mock Interviews

The club supports local schools by providing experienced people to carry out mock interviews with students.

Mock Interviews

We support local schools by being available to carry out mock interviews with their students. Some of our club members have either a business or education background and so are well placed to provide this service.

Typically, the interviews happen in one or two sessions at the school where the students, having prepared their cv's, are encouraged to present themselves as if they are undertaking the real thing. In turn, we provide a panel of experienced interviewers, who understand the objective is to be supportive, build confidence and provide constructive feedback. We can conduct a general type interview or if the student has an upcoming interview we can specifically role play it with them

We greatly enjoy this activity. It's fascinating to encounter these young people as they are prparing to set out either into the world of work or further education.  

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Mock Interviews

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