Wokingham Food Bank

A food Bank in Wokingham, one of the most affluent town in England? This page provides some of the reasons for the existence of this institution.

13 Million people leave below the poverty line in the UK. 1 mum in 5 has to skip meals so that she can feed her children.

In Wokingham, the Foodbank has helped thousands of people in desperate conditions to feed themselves since it was created, in September 2013.  The very large majority of these only received help for a short period of time, helping them bridge over a particularly difficult patch in their life, possibly linked to an accident, or change in their personal circumstances.

The presentations here attached give some information about the work of the Fodbank, a volunteer-driven operation which deserves a lot of respect.

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James B and Nick C-W outside Waitrose 16/12/2023

Photo c/o Ian Hydon

Christmas Collections 2023

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Contributing to the local community

back All the members of the Rotary Club of Wokingham either live or work in Wokingham. It is our priviledge to support the local community, either directly, or through the support of local charities.