Creating houses in India

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Rotary District 1220 International project in District 3150 Andhra Pradesh

India has experienced high levels of sustained economic growth in recent years but there are still over 260 million people living below the poverty line making India home to 22% of the worlds poor many living in remote tribal villages and slums where the conditions are beyond description.

Rotary clubs in our District joined to provide a minimum of 100 Rotary houses to replace the existing huts and sheets of blue plastic under which people live.  Rotary in the area is familiar with such projects and experts at managing them efficiently. The team in Rotary District 3150 consists of Past District Governor Vasant Vora, Past Presidents Jai Gupta and Raghav Rao of the Rotary Club of Jubilee Hills. Sanjeev the Headman of Sangam village also monitors the project in Yalal village. A past District Governor from our District also visits to monitor progress and is seen in our photographs on a recent visit.            

These houses will provide shelter from extreme heat and monsoons, they will bring relative comfort, better health and hygiene and allow the residents to lead a respectable life and healthier life with pride and dignity. This project meets the areas of focus recommended by Rotary International – water, sanitation and health. The project is now well established with over 100 houses built in the three villages.

Each house has a plaque bearing the name of the donor and they are to be built in clusters with a small garden around it which is landscaped to make sure that the house blends into the rest of the village. Burton has helped fund some of these houses and a plaque bearing our name is shown.