Ellon Rotary Ebola Aid

Candlelit Supper Ebola Donation Sent on its Way

Ellon and Aberdeen St Fittick Rotarians working to provide ebola aid

This week, members of the Ellon Candlelit Supper organising team visited the Rotary Club of Aberdeen St Fittick to pass on the proceeds from the evening to bolster significantly St Fittick’s Ebola relief project.

The Candlelit Supper, which was organised by the Rotary Club of Ellon and Ellon Parish Church, was held in the Kirk Centre on Valentine’s night this year.

The Candlelit Supper has been run by Ellon Rotary International Committee in conjunction with Ellon Parish Church for over ten years. Each year the proceeds are used to support an international project, past beneficiaries having included Shelter boxes, Clockwork Radios, various water projects, etc.  

Due to the generosity of supporters and attendees, a superb £2,200 was realised from the evening. The Rotary Club of Ellon and Ellon Parish Church is most appreciative of all of those involved, in particular those who came along on the night.

It had been decided from the outset that the evening would be in aid of Ebola relief, and in looking at various routes to direct the proceeds in the most effective manner, it was felt that the Aberdeen St Fittick project was the most suitable due its long standing, and the existing links it had made on the ground.

The Rotary Club of Aberdeen St. Fittick has been supporting orphans and remote communities in Sierra Leone for over 10 years. The ongoing crisis created by Ebola had seen efforts directed to providing foodstuffs to feed orphans and dependants in remote communities who have lost senior family members to the virus; the objective being to alleviate starvation and malnutrition in those who have been robbed of family support and who are unable to follow their usual work and subsistence opportunities.

St. Fittick have secured the cooperation of the of Freetown Rotary who, in conjunction with local charity NGO partners Youth Solutions, are able to manage funds securely, purchase foodstuffs and transport
supplies for distribution to the remote supported communities, using personal contacts who are known and trusted and who have Government authorisation for travel.

Gary Macalister said yesterday “It is easy to forget when disasters such as the Nepal earthquake hit the headlines, that the existing situations such as Ebola are still there and still ongoing. While the Rotary Club of Ellon is extremely proud of its support of Nepal, it is also delighted that it can support and provide for existing commitments such as this one for Ebola relief. It is particularly apt that proceeds from a meal are going to be used to alleviate starvation and malnutrition in families that have found themselves in this situation due to Ebola”