Sunday 7th June 2015


Phil's got some new walks up his sleeve for us which don't involve his favoured Exmoor… and there are no hills! On Sunday we met at Umberleigh Railway Station car park for a pleasant ramble along the edge of the Taw. Ten of us enjoyed a leisurely couple of miles of excellent riverbank scenery before reaching a country lane which would take us back to the village. We were all chatting as you do when someone stumbled and went over, it was Linda Taylor. The other ladies were quick to assist while husband Graham got his phone out as if to take a photo of Linda on her backside! The simple trip wasn’t so simple though and Linda was in considerable pain. Stella had disappeared and returned within a minute or two with the owner of a nearby house carrying a garden chair for Linda to sit in. What a nice chap he was and invited Linda inside to recover. Graham hurried off to fetch their car and they headed off to A & E, incredibly Linda had suffered a painful fracture and had to be kept in overnight. Our discussions then turned to whether Phil had done a risk assessment for the day’s walk, we decided that he should take the blame! Our depleted number stopped at the Rising Sun for a great meal, it’s a good country pub well known for its large Sunday roast lunch. Before heading for home we decided to walk the riverbank in the other direction to check out the repair work on the railway bridge which was badly damaged in the last lot of floods. Having reached a point we couldn’t continue our walk we were leaning on a fence by a field with horses in when Carole let out a scream. I looked down just in time to see a huge grass snake (3ft long and big around) slithering away from her, it had just crawled over her foot! Again, nothing in Phil’s risk assessment. See what you’re missing - be sure to keep an eye out for Phil’s next walk!