Weekly News 29/06/15

johnnies weekly briefing

New President completes fun run

This evening was Handover; Bill gave a short valedictory speech and thanked our wives, partners and the Friends of Rotary for their support, and then handed the responsibility to President Nigel. It has been a very successful year under Bill’s guidance and records of both our involvement in the community and fund raising efforts have been smashed! Nigel will begin his year with a generous Trust account pot. Martin2 accepted the post of President Elect.

Nigel didn’t think it necessary to repeat his preliminary address, given at Club Assembly, instead he opened a ‘debate’ on the choice of a suitable venue for Ann’s bequest. Rhinefield, Gordleton Mill, East Close, The Jetty, Bentley’s and the Lord Bute were all considered. In the end, the final decision was given to Nigel.

There’d been no Club Visits.



Bill’s unable to attend the Compliance Seminar at the Potters Heron Hotel on July 25th 10.30 – 12.30. David will probably represent our Club in his place.

David reminded members that their £80 Rotary subscriptions are due in at the next meeting. Payment by cheque or bank transfer. David’s paid out all of the donations agreed at our Business Meeting including £1000 to ‘Tackle’ Prostate Cancer!

George’d received an email from Verwood R.C. thanking us for our financial support for Kids Out. We’d also received a letter of thanks for our donation to Hope & Homes for Children.

The depressing news that Rotary International’s membership is declining, whilst membership of the Lions Club worldwide is increasing maybe somewhat skewed by the Chinese preference for the Lion as a symbol rather then any anti-American sentiment.

Les reminded us that our next big event was the Beer Fest and our concentrated efforts were needed to attract Sponsors. We’ve already ‘invested’ £4000 in providing an additional marquee that’ll be situated on the site of the Boules pitches.

Nigel had attended the BBQ and exhibition of pioneering, crafts etc. at the Scouts premises in Burnt House Lane. The ‘Camp Fire’ that we’ve supported is still being constructed. Some members will remember the ‘hilarious’ evening we spent ‘around the camp fire’ during Rinus’ presidency.  

Next Monday Mike is giving us a presentation upon our Club’s Web site.

Non attendance for meetings should be notified to Nick on 01425 620302

Are these last two items linked?