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Remember the date, Sunday 9th August 2015. That was the date the first, and much anticipated,  Rotary Club of Furness charity Zumbathon took place, and what a cracking day it was as well. 

First of all many thanks must got to all those individuals who managed, supported and participated in the event both prior to the event and on the day. By all accounts everyone seemed to enjoy the proceedings, and some of the Rotary stewards were even seen to be joining in the activities……..you know who you are..!  The event was held at the Barrow Park Leisure Centre from 1.00.p.m. until 4.00.p.m.

Initially the organisers were concerned that, up to the day before the event proper, only 15 formal entries had been received! Zumba Instructor Sam Walton had indicated that more entrants would register on the day but it wasn’t certain how many would actually appear. However, by 1.00.p.m. the event had attracted a total of 52 participants all of whom paid a registration fee of £10. 00. (there is also some outstanding sponsorship money) A raffle was also held during the event with a first prize of a full year’s family membership to the Park Leisure Centre Gym worth £365.. other prizes being donated by local businesses and individuals.  All monies raised will go to the Multiple Sclerosis Society (Barrow branch), Furness Oncology unit, the Rosemere Cancer Foundation and Rotary charities. At the time of publication it is hoped that the vent will have raised upwards of £700. 

It is hoped the event will be repeated next year 
Thanks all

Brian Boyd

Youth Chair RC of Furness