Good causes we support/ Thank You's received 2015 - 2016

Thank You's received 2015 - 2016

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March Wood  Project

Just to let you know that we have finished the work involved in the Wood. There is a large drystane plinth with information board at the entrance to the Wood. We have five stones carved with relevant quotes/poems and there are five small stone plinths with poems on boards including one with a poem provided by the children from Yarrow School. All the children from the school took part in planting trees last November and they collaborated to make up a poem which we had transcribed on a board.
We have included Selkirk Rotary’s logo on the information board.
I have attached some photographs and hope members have the chance to visit the Wood and let us know what they think.
Thanks again for Selkirk Rotary's kind help in completing the project.
Best Regard
Frank Harkness


Water Harvesting

On 16th September our guest speaker (Alasdair Seale from the Rotary Club of Braids) told us about the "Water Harvesting" project at Nansio hospital in Tanzania. Collecting rainfall has a double effect. It is clean and saves costs instead of transporting polluted water from Lake Victoria.

Rotary Club of Selkirk donated £500 to support this ongoing project.


Stable life 2015 Award



Ongdi Sherpa, a native of Nepal came to the Rotary Club a few months ago, asking for some help in getting funds to help relief work in his home village in Nepal. He described it as remote, a 2 day drive from the capital Kathmandu, then a 3 day walk "after the road ran out". Like so many remote villages, they didn't benefit so much from International aid, but they were fairly self sufficient in food and water. Where they did need assistance was in funds for replacing and repairing buildings and roofs. Now we can see what the money we donated, along with the Rotary Club of Hawick, was used to do. Thank you and well done Ongdi.