Our latest project to help this great young man - click on the sub-pages for updates

Cam Edmonds - always smiling!

Medway Sunlight Rotary Club has in the past helped Cam Edmonds and his parents cope with Cam's deteriorating condition.  He is now 21 years old and has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy which is life limiting - 100 youngsters a year are diagnosed with the condition with not many surviving into adulthood.

Garden-4-Cam sub-pages:

A journey through the creation of a Garden-4-Cam

more Please take a look at the attached photographic record of the transformation of the garden. (1 page below this)

Cam stops to admire the pond

Journey to infinity and beyond

more Watch whilst Cam takes his wheelchair up the new path to a part of the garden he has never seen!

The ripped pond liner - back to the drawing board!

Vandals fail to fox Rotary !

more Unfortunately the local foxes managed to rip the pond liner that we had put in so it was back to the drawing board in November.

the pond area we have created at Cam's garden

11th Sept 2015 - today is pond day !

more Today's main job is to install the pond and get it filled with water

Cam ( and Jess the cat) view the completed patio

October 9th 2015 - the patio is finished !

more After two days of hard work the patio is now done.