Men in Sheds refurbish historic Rotary bench

After 60 years service the Rotary bench at Beeston church was in need of some restoration; the Age UK Men In Sheds team made a great job of refurbishing the bench in return for a donation.

President Bruce Liddle with Adie and the team at Men In Sheds. The bench is now installed in Beeston by the tram station.

Back in 1955 as part of the celebration of the Golden Jubilee of the forming of Rotary International, members of the Rotary Club of Beeston funded the provision of a rose garden with paths and seats in the area surrounding the church of St John the Baptist in Beeston. The memorial bench remained in place up until last year when it was removed by Broxtowe Borough Council to make way for the tram works. The council undertook to store the bench and re site it once the tram works were completed.

After 60 years’ service the bench was in need of some restoration; fortunately the Rotary Club had recently enjoyed a presentation on Age UK’s “Men In Sheds” project and they were asked to help. Based in Gedling, “Men in Sheds” is a project specifically for men aged 60 years and over. It aims to bring older men together to put their practical skills to good use and encourage them to be more socially active. It’s a great project and they were very happy to help restore the bench in their workshops. Guided by project leader Adie Harkin the team carried a comprehensive renovation and the bench is now “good as new” and ready to be returned to its new location in the church grounds.

Pictured above is Rotary Club President Bruce Liddle presenting a cheque for £350 to Adie and the team at “Men In Sheds” as a thank you for the great job they made of the work. Broxtowe Council expect to install the bench sometime in October, when it will once again provide a comfortable resting place in the peaceful surroundings of St John the Baptist in Beeston.