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We continue to support the development and roll-out of Distraction Units
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From Dreamdrops to our club

A huge thank you to the Rotary Club of Kimbolton Castle who kindly offered to buy the mini mobile 3D Interactive Pain Distraction Unit, a world first, which was designed to fit into a suitcase by Amazing Interactives, a company that specialises in 3D film and computer programming.  Anne-Marie Hamilton, Chairman of the ‘dreamdrops’ fundraising committee approached the company 18 months ago to see if it was possible for them to design a mobile unit for use in the local community.   A lot of time and effort has been put into the whole project, not only by the NHS and Amazing Interactives, but also with help and guidance from Tony Moss, a computer expert from the Rotary Club as well as other members of the club. The machine will revolutionise children’s treatment and is causing real interest in other areas of the NHS, with one London hospital already interested in purchasing a unit.

The photograph above shows Pravin Jethwa, Sales Director, Amazing Interactives, Liz Sloman, Play Specialist, CCS NHS Trust, Members of the Rotary Club of Kimbolton Castle and Anne-Marie Hamilton, Chairman of ‘dreamdrops’ fundraising committee.