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Kimbolton Castle Rotary Club supports the Dreamdrops charity. The charity was formed in 2005 to raise money to provide the extras not covered by NHS public funds, but which make a hospital stay more comfortable for children and their families at a time which can often be very stressful.  Dreamdrops work also helps sick children who are being cared for at home. 

The Dreamdrops association with the Rotary Club of Kimbolton Castle goes back to 2006, and over the years, ‘dreamdrops’ has been the recipient of both financial donations as well as donations of time and expertise from our club members.  One of the first ventures in support of Dreamdrops was a cycle ride (called Le Jog) from Lands End to John O’Groats, which raised a significant amount of money for the charity.  The Rotary Club has always been particularly interested in supporting children who tend to be somewhat ‘invisible’ in society, such as those with very complex needs and life limiting illnesses.  Over the years, the Club has provided gifts for these children such as distraction toys, multisensory equipment and, most recently, saturation monitors which can be used in the home of the young patient to take multiple readings of a child’s condition over several days.  In the past, these children would have had to spend long periods of time in hospital, away from their families, for the tests to be undertaken.

Recently, the Rotary Club of Kimbolton Castle was able to help fund the development of a ‘world first’ 3D mobile pain distraction unit that was designed to fit in a suitcase so that it could be used by young patients in their own homes whilst they were receiving medical treatment - see separate report.   This was developed with a British company called Amazing Interactives over a 3 year period, and members of the Rotary Club gave time and expertise to help with the development and monitoring of the new equipment.  NHS staff trialled the equipment and, once it had reached the point where it was commercially viable, the club purchased the first unit for use in our local community, where it has been a great success.'