The Rotary Foundation is a world wide charity whose aim is to support the efforts of Rotary International in its mission to achieve worldwide understanding and peace through local and national humanitarian, educational and cultural support programmes.

The Rotary Foundation is supported solely by contributions from the public, Rotary members and friends of the Foundation.

Those contributions, gifts and donations are transformed into service projects that change the lives of thousands of people across the world.

With 91% of funds spent on the programmes and projects it delivers, The Rotary Foundation, based at the Rotary Headquarters in Illinois, USA, is globally recognised for its financial efficiency, accountability and transparency.
The Rotary Foundation is one of the worlds biggest charitable trusts.   It's projects generally cover six main areas worldwide..

Peace and conflict resolution.
Disease prevention and treatment.
Water and sanitation.
Maternal and child health.
Basic education and literacy.
Economic and community development.

It's main concern in recent years, in conjunction with the WHO and the Bill Gates Foundation, has been the eradication of Polio and there are only a few places in the world that still have polio cases. .

All monies raised are generally matched by grants, in various ways, benefitting the recipients, by three or four times the amount raised. by the donor Club.

It has been a hard 18 months and obviously receipts are down on previous years but the need is still there.

Donations are made by Rotarians through standing orders, collection boxes special events or by direct payments to the Rotary Foundation UK. RFUK

Chislehurst Rotary Club hopes to have a Fund Raising quiz in early January and urges members to become Sustaining Members of the RFUK, which is a direct debit payment to RFUK, with Chislehurst getting the credit for raising the funds. Despite the difficult time recently, we still sent just under £2,500.00 for the Rotary year ending in June.

Tony Wells
Foundation Service Chair


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