Christmas Collection December 2022

Routes and arrangements for this years event

Father Christmas and some of his helpers

Father Christmas will be back to touring the streets of Ely once again this year. He will be going around all the usual routes so that children can see and greet him begining on Monday 5th December through until Tuesday 20th,   There are some small adjustments to the routes this year so please look at the following details carefully or you can also check on the separate page which lists streest alphabetically

His sleigh will also be appearing in the High St (Saturdays 10th and 17th December) and outside Tesco on Tuesday 20th December.

On all occassions donations by contactless card will be available, there will be a QR code for donations by phone (as shown on a separate panel on this website) or you can  donate by going to  and searching for The Rotary Club of Ely benevolent fund,  and of course you can still pop some spare cash into a bucket.

You will be able to see exactly where Santa is on any given evening between 5:30pm and 8:00pm  by looking at    go to the 'planned route' page and follow the link

If you prefer you can also see us  on Facebook at  



Monday 5 December

Cromwell Road; Chief Street; West End (part); Little Lane; Hills Lane; Fieldside; St Ethelwold’s Close; Beald Way; Walsingham Way; Goldsmith Court;  St Ovin’s Green; West Fen Road (part); Downham Road (part); Egremont Street

Tuesday 6 December

Downham Road (part); Upherds Lane; West Fen Road (part); Dunstan Street; Priors Court; Kent Close; Benedict Street; St Andrews Way; Merlin Drive; Herons Close; Wren Close; Falcon Mews; Northwold; Elmfield; Arundel; Fleetwood.

Wednesday 7 December

Lynn Road (part); John Amner Close, St Audreys Way; Buckingham Drive; Lynton Drive; Lynton Close; King Edgar Close; Williams Close; Lumley Close; Fitzgerald Close; Morton Close.

Thursday 8 December

The Chase; Mawson Close; Yorke Way; Canterbury Avenue; Longfields; St Johns Road; Morley Drive; Murfitt Close; Hollendale Way; Meadow Way; Briars Grove; Pasture Grove; Hereward Street; Debden Green; Hamilton Road; Landsdown Close; West End (part).

Friday 9 December

The Gallery; Silver Street; Parade Lane; Barton Road; Barton Square; Barton Mews; Back Hill; Dovehouse Close; Potters Lane; Station Road; Castlehythe; Annesdale; Victoria Street; Broad Street; Jubilee Terrace; Ship Lane; Cardinals Way; Lisle Lane (part); Brewery Close; Willow Walk; Willow Grove; Waterside; Osier Close; Fore Hill.

Monday 12 December

New Barns Road (part); New Barns Avenue; High Barns, Larkfield Road; Clayway; Ramsey Road; Deacons Lane; Lynn Road (part); The Paddock; Appleby Park; 

Tuesday 13 December

New Barns Road (part); Bohemond Street; Crauden Gardens; Beech Lane; Prickwillow Road; Mulberry Way; Birch Close; Aspen Close; Juniper Drive; Sycamore Lane; Henley Way; Summer Hayes; Douglas Court; Springhead Lane; St Martin’s Walk; Newnham Street; Nutholt Lane.

Wednesday 14 December

Kings Avenue (part); Canute Crescent; Bishop Laney Drive; Langham Way; Thirlby Gardens; Goodwin Grove; Longchamp Drive; Monarch Way; Brimstone Drive; Cleopatra Close; Skipper Walk, Emperor Green; Red Admiral Street;  

Thursday 15 December

Cambridge Road; The Turnpike; Gateway Gardens; Witchford Road; Pilgrims Way; Norfolk Road; Bedford Close; Suffolk Close; Warwick Drive; Northampton Close; Leicester Close; Hertford Close; Tower Road; Elysian Close; Houghton Gardens; Marriott Drive.

Friday 16 December

Columbine Road; Teasel Drive; Mallow Close; Cam Drive; Stour Green; Wensum Way; Chelmer Way; The Medway; Welland Place; Nene Road; Wissey Way.

Monday 19 December

Beresford Road starting at St Johns Road end; Kingskey Walk; Alexander Chase; Darwin Close; Collier Close; Brooke Grove; Tennyson Place

Tuesday 20 December

Kings Avenue (part); Allen Road; Turner Drive; Merival Way; Carey Close; Wilford Drive; Felton Way; Compton Fields; Bentham Way; Abbott Thurston Avenue; Phillipa Close 

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