50+ Grant Scheme

Rotary club of Rossendale grant scheme for projects to mainly benefit the over 50"™s in the BB4 postcode area.

What the grant scheme is about

The Rotary Club of Rossendale is giving the opportunity for any organisation to apply for a grant of up to £500 towards a capital expenditure project, mainly for the benefit of residents over 50 residing approximately within the BB4 postcode area. Any fixed building which will house the project must have a BB4 postcode.

Any established organisation can apply subject to the additional information below

Final closing date for applications – 15th May 2016

Further information

The £500 can be exclusive of VAT if VAT can be reclaimed

The grant can fund up to a maximum of 50% of the project. The members or users will need to raise match funding up to the amount of the grant awarded. The raised funds must not come from grant income received from publicly funded bodies but can include donations from other charities

The grant is for a small capital project that would not otherwise happen. The project must mainly benefit the over 50’s but can also be used by the wider community

The project should aim to be completed no later than 31st December 2016.

Religious and political groups can apply but the benefits from the scheme must mainly be community based without a religious or political commitment requirement. Minor use of the project can be made by members of the group making the application when it is not required for community use  

It is unlikely that an application would be considered from any organisation that was operated commercially unless it was supporting charitable activities using the same terms applying to religious and political organisations

It is likely that in 2016 The Rotary Club of Rossendale will only havelocally raised funds to award one grant of up to £500.

The decision of the Rotary Club of Rossendale is final and the right is reserved not to award any grant.

How to apply

There is no specific application form but the application should include the following information  -

Full details of the project together with a full costing of all works or purchase required including any paid labour costs

The planned timetable assuming a decision is given by The Rotary Club of Rossendale no later than 30th June 2016

What will be the objective and benefit of the project to people aged over 50 and which members of the wider community might also be expected to benefit from it

The full details and structure of the organisation making the application together with a copy of the organisations accounts for their last financial year.

The full name, position held, postal address and email/telephone contact details of the person making the application

            The person signing the application must be aged over 18

The financial contribution of The Rotary Club of Rossendale towards the completed scheme funding should be acknowledged and appropriate publicity given.


Where to send the application to:

The written application should be sent to Over 50 grant applications, Rotary Club of Rossendale, c/o Sykeside Hotel, Rawtenstall Road End, Haslingden, Rossendale BB4 6QE

Further information is available from Rotarian Leonard Green 01706 218539 email enquiries@rossendalerotary.co.uk or visit www.rossendalerotary.co.uk

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