Donation for disaster in San Clemente, Peru

Donation of £500 approved 24th March 2016

The Cathedral of San Clemente in Pisco following the 2007 Earthquake

MARCH 2016

Over the past six years Rainhill Rotary have supported, in conjunction with Miriam Hodgson, a Spanish teacher from Widnes, the Sisters of Notre Dame working in St. Clemente with various projects including water related and food provision etc.

The devastating quake struck in August 2007 South of Lima, Peru around an area called Pisco, killing hundreds, injuring thousands, making thousands homeless, and in one case collapsing a church full of worshippers, killing all 200+ people inside.

There is much corruption in Peru, with the Government only being prepared to help people who lost homes, and who were able to produce the title deeds to their houses.  Most people rented their properties.

One of the areas effected by the quake was around a place called Delicias, and with the Government’s attitude towards assistance, many people left and made their way to a shanty town, San Clemente which is a 3 hour bus ride from Delicias and Pisco. To make matters worse people from other surrounding effected areas also descended upon St. Clemente, swelling the already overcrowded population.

Despite this people tried to start a new life without the benefit of any proper infrastructure or bare essentials, i.e. healthcare, social services, water, sewerage, gas/electricity, roads etc. and 9 years on from the quake things are only slowly improving.

The Sisters, recognising the problems, set up a new mission in St. Clemente, and it is this that Miriam has become involved with over the past 9 years.

They are currently trying to renovate a bamboo structure and use same for receptions and activities that would earn money for the parish and provide meals and or refreshments for births, marriages/funerals etc. They have recently received some help in trying to fix up the roof.

Their canteen/kitchen/reception area will be very basic and they need kitchen equipment, pots, pans, cutlery, plates and the usual stuff to equip a kitchen capable of providing food etc for a large number of people. 

They also need tables and chairs, however the costs for the kitchen equipment comes to $500 US, which equates to just over £350.

In order to assist with the provision of kitchen equipment and also with the tables and chairs, Rainhill Rotary has approved a donation of  £500 to support the on-going work in San Clemente

Further details relating to this project going back to October 2009 aree avaialble in the links below:

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The Cathedral of San Clemente in Pisco following the 2007 Earthquake

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