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also known as Stroke Awareness Day

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Saturday, 23 April 2016

Over 230 people had their blood pressure checked in 6 hours at our “Know Your Blood Pressure” at our stand in the Fareham Shopping Centre on Saturday! That’s more than 50% more than last year! Fareham Meon Rotary Club members manned the stand - with nurses from the local St John Ambulance Brigade flat out taking the measurements and giving everyone a record of the result. Our Club have been running this day for nearly 10 years now make people more aware of the importance of knowing and controlling high blood pressure to reduce the likelihood of strokes – still a major cause of death in the UK. Over the years several people have been told to see their doctors immediately as a result and others to seem them soon. It is good news that people are now much more of the need to get their blood pressure checked regularly.

"More blood pressure! Final results for the day were 241 people checked, with 3 advised to visit a doctor immediately and 81 to visit within a month - a significant proportion. A brilliant effort, which may save lives and certainly increased awareness of the need to get your BP checked. A big thank you again to our worn out St John Ambulance team!"

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