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LifeStraw   Water Project


One Rotary Monday Club Meeting, this last month, Hayden Jefferies was invited to come and give us an update on LifeStraw, a Rotary Project which the Rotary Club of Brynmawr, South Wales, have been promoting since 2005.

LifeStraw is a portable water filter that effectively removes all bacteria and parasites responsible for causing common diarrhoeal diseases. It requires no electrical power or spare parts and can be carried around for easy access to safe and clean water away from home.

The individual model filters, at least 1000 litres of water, (Family Model filters 18,000 litres); it contains no chemicals and removes the minimum of 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria and 99.99% of waterborne protozoan parasites.

When you consider that every 20 seconds somewhere in the world a child will die as a result of drinking unsafe water and supply of LifeStraw have been supplied to areas of Flooding and Earthquakes, etc. all over the world, The Rotary Club of the Deepings were pleased to offer their support, donating a cheque of £350.00.

Hayden was thanked by President Ken Littlemore, on behalf of the Club, for his interesting presentation.