Latest figures on polio cases around the world May 2016

These are the figures from Pakistan and Afghanistan showing a continuing reduction in polio cases....

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Wild Polio Virus - 1:     There have been 13 cases since 1st January vs 23 cases at this time in 2015.   9 of these cases were in Pakistan vs 22 cases, and 4 cases in Afghanistan vs 1.


Wild Polio Virus - 3:     No cases since November 2012


Vaccine Derived Polio Virus - 1:   3 cases reported since 1st January 2016, all in Laos.  There were 20 cases worldwide in 2015.


Vaccine Derived Polio Virus - 2:     No cases since 1st January.  There were 12 cases worldwide in 2015.


Vaccine derived polio only occurs when the oral polio vaccine is used, more and more countries are now using the inactive polio vaccine which cannot cause vaccine derived polio.


All countries have now switched from the trivalent to the bivalent oral polio vaccine which should reduce the number of vaccine derived cases.  Eventually all countries will be using the inactive polio vaccine, the disadvantage if this is that this vaccine has to be injected so it must be administered by a healthcare professional.