The following programme was agreed at club assembly on 7 JULY

Despite the current situation and our reduced revenue streams supporting international projects is important to our club. In addition to supporting Rotary Foundation and specifically the End Polio campaign (see seperate page) we have identified the following projects that we would like to get involved in.


International Children's Trust:- We will continue to sponsor the education of two children (boys) in IndiaThis is a long term commitment for seven yearsper child. We receive letters and photographs from both children on a regular basis.

SOS Children’s Villages:This was a new project four years ago when we made a commitment to support the education of two young girls in The Gambia. We receive letters and photographs from both children during the year. 

Shoebox Scheme:- This project is close to the heart of the Newton-le-Willows club; which has provided both the previous and the present trailer to International Aid Trust (IAT) at Preston. The distribution and collection of the shoe boxes will take place during Oct and Nov 2020. SEE SEPERATE PAGE

Smiling Valley Intermediate School:Is a poor farm school, formed in 1940 by a farming family. It caters for pupils, aged 3-18 from the surrounding farms of Combongo, near to King Williams Town, in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. The school has electricity but no running water so the children drink the water that is collected from the roof during the rains. The school has very little by way of funds to support the pupils, but they do try to provide them with uniform which they wear with pride - even though it may be old and perhaps no longer fits them properly. 

The following are charities that we have supported in the past and will look at in the future depending on the funds available:

Mary's Meals:We will maintain support for Mary’s Meals “a simple solution to world hunger”. Mary’s Meals feeds over 1,667,067 hungry children every day in fourteen different countries around the world including Malawi and Liberia. 

Disaster Aid:We continue to support Disaster Aid in times of emergency and to provide Family Survival Kits. Each kit contains a tent for a family, water purification equipment, stove, mosquito nets, pots, tools, rope and other survival items, children’s school supplies, thermal blankets and other essential items. 

500 Miles:We continue to support “500 miles” which supports the development and delivery of prosthetic and orthotic services in Malawi, Zambia and hopefully soon, Zanzibar. 500 miles help people with impaired mobility of all kinds to get moving, as well and as independently as possible, by helping them to access prostheses and orthoses. Prostheses are devices which replace missing body parts, whilst orthoses are devices, like splints, which support body parts which are weak or don’t function properly. 

Hope & Homes for Children:Global experts in the field of deinstitutionalisation. By closing institutions, supporting children into loving, stable families and working with governments to tackle the root causes of family breakdown, they are working towards a day where orphanages have been eradicated for good.

Sightsavers:Help to prevent avoidable blindness in some of the world’s poorest areas by partnering with local communities, governments and other groups to distribute disease treatments, carry out operations and eye examinations, strengthen health systems and advocate for people with disabilities. I ask the membership to accept the above projects from the International Committee for the forthcoming Rotary year. 

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more This project is close to the heart of the Newton-le-Willows club. We have supported the project annually for many years.