Proposals 2016 - 2017

Proposals 2016 -2017

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  1. The Committee will look for a international project to support, with water still seen as a preference but could be other. Although the second Mbale scheme proved to be long and complex (and frustrating at times) we did learn a lot and the scheme is used as the exemplar for the District. Although we would consider leading a further scheme, with RI grant application, an alternative could be to research projects started or under consideration by other Clubs and to go in as an “experienced supporter”—like the New Milton club acted in the Mbale scheme but with more know-how to offer.

  2. The Committee will continue to prompt the Club to consider a response to international emergencies which arise.

  3. The International Quiz is booked for Friday 27th January 2017. It is not proposed to run a second fundraiser this year.

  4. Although not widely mentioned by Club members, the Committee is very enthusiastic to continue the KIVA investment initiative. The control and administration through KIVA is now fully functioning. Progress to date can be summarized as follows:-

Funds introduced $364

Funds lent out $625

Available to invest $26

Projects invested 25

No. of countries 17

Project status (25):-

Still seeking target fund 7

Paying back to plan 13

Fully paid back 4

Defaulted 1

  1. The Committee proposes to run the Music Magpie collection/sale every few months to raise funds for KIVA.

  1. Other suggestions would be welcomed.