Citizenship Awards for Hillhead Primary School

The winners of the 2019 Hillhead Primary School's Citizenship awards were Finley and Marina. They are with Club President Anne MacKinnon and Past President Trevor Graham. The awards are given by our Club every year.

Finley and Marina, both in Primary 7, received their awards from President Anne MacKinnon, accompanied by last year's President Trevor Graham.

The Club continued its association with Hillhead Primary School when President Anne MacKinnon accompanied by Trevor Graham presented the Citizenship trophies at the school assembly on 26th June.  Principal Teacher Gary Thomson gave a short talk to the children about good citizenship and explained that the four charities supported by the school during the year were all part of being good and caring citizens.  

The winners for 2019 were Finley and Marina.  From the cheers and applause that greeted the announcement of the winners, it was evident that both pupils were worthy recipients.