Assembly Report 2016

President Elect Dave's vision for the new Rotary Year

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'Assistant District Governor Anne, President Alex and fellow members – it is an honour to be making this Club Assembly presentation to Rotary Club of West Fife.  I will shortly be introducing my team of committee chairs who, along with their committees and the club at large, are responsible for creating and delivering the plan and programme for the West Fife Club for 2016 – 2017. 

Before moving on to this, I would like to offer my congratulations to President Alex for his leadership, imagination, determination and drive which has produced such a good result with many success stories for this Club in the first year of the 5-Year Development and Growth Plan.    

Council –














My vision for the RCWF in 4 years’ time is: -

Will be a vibrant sustainable Club attracting new members from all parts of the community

Will have reached its growth target of adding a further 4 new members per annum, 16 in total

Be generous in its support of the local community including children, adults and the elderly

Will be recognised as a Rotary Club that knows how to have fun and enjoy itself


I believe that our success will be dependent on these values

Leadership with good organisation and direction

A membership committed to participation

The promotion of friendship and fellowship in all that we do

Leadership – in deciding the set up and composition of the Committees this year, part of my thinking was that the Club should be continuously developing leadership capabilities within the membership so that there will be continuity for Club and Committee leadership in the future.  I would ask that you be mindful of this when allocating work to your Committee members.  I hope that Committee members will be engaged from the start and be encouraged to take on responsibility.  This will have positive results in terms of membership retention and the fulfilment received by members from their contributions and involvement. 

Good organisation – with regard to the organisation of the Club, it has been suggested to me that we could have a portable notice board which would be brought out for each meeting and would show upcoming events, list of attendees etc.  I would like to pursue this possibility, help with this would be welcomed.

Business Meetings take place on 2nd Tuesday

Committee Chairmen will have the opportunity to meet with their Committees on second Tuesday each month.  We should be finished with the meal and announcements by 7.15pm allowing us say 45 minutes for Committee business followed by a very brief summary of progress by the chair of each committee.  If there is a need to arrange to have the occasional workshop type meeting, we can arrange this to replace the business meeting.  Council Meetings take place on 3rd Tuesday.

Committee Chairmen, Deputies and Committee Members

Finally, I hope that when you have been preparing your programmes and plans for 2016-2017 that you have given consideration to making your plans ambitious and innovative, with new ideas and projects.   In helping to prepare for this forthcoming year, I have provided each committee with a list of goals which I have asked to be considered for the programme.

Goals and Objectives

I am going to run through some of the key areas where certain goals and objectives are important to our success. 

Membership Expansion and Retention

Achieve net growth of 4 new members for the next Rotary year

Achieve 100% retention of surviving members, checking participation is happening

This last Rotary year ending this month has seen prolific growth of 8 new members

We currently have a membership of 34 plus 2 honorary members in Brian Merrett and David Moyes.

We expect to have 3 further members join before the end of this Rotary year, giving an increase in membership of 8 members this year taking us to 39 members which is a great achievement.

But always remember we would like to achieve 100% retention

It is excellent having ambitious Membership Growth but we should take care and ensure that all new members:-

Are made to feel welcome and get involved in our social events

Are actively mentored

They must be given a job to do

They must not be left thinking – this is not what I expected – handbook

Should be encouraged to feel the satisfaction and reward of giving service to others

Raising Public Awareness of the Rotary Club of West Fife

The Club should publicise everything: -

Every fundraising event

Every community service event

Every Club major social occasion

We should take every opportunity to look for interesting angles in story-like and narrative for the journalists who we would like to publicise our Club

Not photographs standing in a line – try to create some action – the photo that Ewan took at Crossford Gala of the wee boy getting his prize for the pitching golf game.

Writing the script of the event – this does not always materialise quickly and sometimes not at all.

On speakers’ nights the member giving the Vote of Thanks should prepare a couple of paragraphs of:-

Who gave the talk

What was it about

How will it affect other people’s lives?

Keep it simple and make it informative

Tell the audience how good it was and how entertaining it was

Its most important to feed the stories and the photographs to Martin and his Deputy Robin Park

Club Polo Shirts and Baseball Caps

It would be good if all members who don’t already possess a Rotary badged jersey or polo shirt could acquire one for making sure that Rotary Club of West Fife is recognised when we are involved in projects. Similarly, I propose that we should purchase a quantity of baseball caps, all of this I think would help to promote the name of West Fife as often as possible.  Robin Park is currently looking into this and will be circulating an order list and I hope you make the purchase.

It gives me great pleasure to introduce the first of our committee chairs tonight to give their presentation and programme to the club for 2016-2017

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