Vocational Golf Day 2005

 Big-hearted golfers raise £7,000 for charity

Astley Rotary Club charities are over £7,000 better off thanks to their successful golf day which swung into fund raising action.

1 of the 40 teams that participated in the event.The event, again sponsored by member Tony Roberts' Leigh-based Acorn Building Services Ltd, saw some brilliant golf played with the prime aim to help develop a specialist disabled cycling centre at the new Leigh Sports Village complex.

Money will also go towards Rotary projects to provide new fishing boats and a hospital in Sri Lanka hit by the Asian Tsunami disaster, minor projects in local schools and other charities.

In a pre-prize presentation speech Mr Roberts explained the value of the work done by a charity organisation, Wheels for All, which will help bring the cycling centre to Leigh.

The charity provides bikes for people aged from six to 90 years old, who are not able to ride a two-wheeler bike, thanks to unclaimed machines left with the police. The organisation trains children caught stealing them in the first place to adapt the bikes for people who have disabilities.

He said "It's surprising what these kids know about putting bikes together, and although a lot of them still end up going back to crime, the odd ones end up in full time education. As well as it being a great charity organisation it is also a chance to get kids of the streets and a chance of education, instead of robbing bikes and people in the future".

He also spoke of the club's work for tsunami relief disaster. He said: "one of our members, Trevor Barton, whose next door neighbour is a member of the Rotary Club Of Colombo in Sri Lanka, approached us the day after the disaster happened. He told us that although  they required clean water, food, first aid facilities etc, the most important things was to get the people back on their feet and working. Over the last few months the club has been sending money to Sri Lanka to get the fleet back working, and repairing their boats so that they can carry on with their normal lives.

We have also had one new boat made over in Colombo and 50 boats repaired. The cost of a new boat is £1,750 and to repair a boat approximately £70. The good thing is that being in close contact with the Rotary Club Of Colombo we receive pictures, receipts, bank statements and all financial records on a regular basis, so that we can see exactly where our money is being spent and to what good causes it is going.

The Rotary Club is involved with lots of other projects throughout the country in which we sponsor local children's rugby teams, football teams and make donations to various charities and school projects, particularly within the community. So I just want to ensure you all that all monies are going to a very good cause, and it is very much appreciated.

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