Rotary Club of Wickford Club Past Presidents


1958-59 John Brock
1959-60 H. J. Poulten
1960-61 Silva Carter (PHF)
1961-62 Gerald Copsey
1962-63 Ken Fox
1963-64 Gordon Ratnage
1964-65 'Mick' Egan (PHF)
1965-66 Gordon Gardiner
1966-67 Stan Ward
1967-68 Fred Prance
1968-69 Ted Giles
1969-70 Charlie White
1970-71 Brian Ruff (PHF)
1971-72 Eddie Kosh
1972-73 Alf Fairey
1973-74 Bruce Godfrey
1974-75 John Mellon
1975-76 Len Page
1976-77 Jack Mellon
1977-78 Harvey Hodgson
1978-79 Len Driscoll
1979-80 Tony French
1980-81 Jack Pemberton (PHF)
1981-82 Mick Kemp (PHF)
1982-83 Don Hall
1983-84 Bill Nelson (PHF)
1984-85 Alan Prem
1985-86 Jack Frogg (PHF)
1986-87 Silva Carter second time President (PHF)
1987-88 Peter Smith
1988-98 John Davies (PHF)
1989-90 Richard Wragg
1990-91 Frank Harris (PHF)
1991-92 Ken Howes (PHF)
1992-93 Ralph Hayden Ralph went on to be District Governor 2000-01 (PHF)
1993-94 Peter Griffiths (PHF)
1994-95 Sid Sutton (PHF)
1995-96 Harry Payne (PHF)
1996-97 Norman Beadle
1997-98 Bill Nelson second time President (PHF)
1998-99 Peter Yeo (PHF)
1999-00 Peter Jerman
2000-01 Chris O'Connell
2001-02 Bob Plimmer (PHF)
2002-03 John Kirk (PHF)
2003-04 Wilf McLean
2004-05 John Bolton
2005-06 Derek Wragg
2006-07 Ralph Hayden 2nd time President (PHF)                                  
2007-08 Norman Hollingsworth (PHF)
2008-09 Richard Candler
2009-2010 Bob Plimmer 2nd time President (PHF)
2010-2011 Alan Prem
2011-2012 Derek Wragg 2nd time President
2012-2013 Bill Nelson 3rd time President (PHF)
2013-2014 Chris Bushell
2014-2015 Jackie Snape
2015-2016 Jack Pemberton 2nd time President (PHF)
2016-2017 Ralph Hayden 3rd time President (PHF)
2017-2018 Richard Candler 2nd time President
2018-2019 Bob Plimmer 3rd time President (PHF)

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An Unusual Handover

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Donate to Rotary

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Goodbye to two close friends

more It is with much sadness that we say goodbye to two members of our Club.

Wickford Rotary celebrates 64 years!

more The Club got together recently to celebrate 64 years since its charter in 1958

Tony French RIP

more It is with much sorrow that we have to announce the passing of long standing member Tony French

RIP Bill Nelson

more We are sad to announce the passing to higher service one of our members, Bill Nelson

Ralph Hayden - a dedicated Rotarian

more It is with much sorrow that we have to announce the passing of Ralph Hayden, one of our long standing members.

It's meetings Jim, but not as you know it!

more In line with Government Guidelines, Wickford Rotary is not currently meeting in the flesh, but we're still getting together!

The New Team!

more The Rotary Year starts on July 1st. This is an exciting time as different members take on different roles within the Club. However, this year is a little different...

Our intrepid explorers

It's not just about fundraising you know!

more 14 go mad in Danbury! A group of Rotarians and partners enjoyed the countryside around Essex recently when they went for a ramble around Danbury

Wickford Rotary celebrates 61 years!

more Wickford Rotary celebrated its Charter Night, recently, 61 years after before formed

Welcome to the New President!

more President Bob hands over the reins for the forthcoming year

Remembering Richard Gordon

more It is with great sadness that we give news of the passing on of one of our members, Richard (“Dick”) Gordon.

Wickford on Crouch!

more Wickford Rotary gets on board on the River Crouch; although they had to go to Burnham to actually get on the water!

Rotary at Remembrance

more Rotary President Bob Plimmer lays a wreath

Vic Copping is recognised for his work for Wickford Rotary

more It is not often that a Rotary Club presents its highest award to a non-Rotarian, so it is very special when it happens...

Wickford Rotary qualifies for her Bus Pass!

more 2018 saw the 60th anniversary of the inauguration of the Rotary Club of Wickford and the Club came out to Celebrate

The President has gone - welcome the President!

more The Rotary Year finishes on July 1; a new order commences!

President's Night 2012

more Wickford Rotary celebrates its President The Rotary Club of Wickford got together to celebrate the achievements the Club has made this year, by getting together in the convivial atmosphere.

Goodbye to Norman

more It is with sadness that we said goodbye to member Norman Hollingsworth, who passed on to higher service in February

New member inducted!

more Pauline Mills is inducted into The Rotary Club of Wickford

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Joining Rotary


 Mick is pictured above receiving a citation at the Club in November. Sadly to be one of his last attendances at a Club he loved.

Sad Loss of a great Rotarian - Mick Kemp


Peter Griffiths remembered


Friends of Rotary

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