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Each year the Rotary Monmouth makes donations to support various good causes and helps other organisations deliver their events

Swimmers preparing to enter the water

The ethos of Rotary International is "Service before Self" and the club is proud of its service to Monmouth. The areas of focus for Rotary activities are:

Promoting Peace

Clean Water

Fighting Disease

Mothers and Children


Economic Growth

The Monmouth Rotary Club will support local, national and international causes in these areas with a strong preference for supporting groups rather than individuals. If you would like to apply for our support as either volunteers or as a grant then please download an application form HERE or Contact the club below

The Club is also runs an annual Draw to assist local charities and organisations raise their own funds. Please see more details in Community Draw or send a message to the club via the website if you would like to know more about this initiative

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Swimmers preparing to enter the water

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