Aquabox Visit By Gordon McInally


Visit to Aquabox

Dear All,

I had the opportunity to spend some time at the Aquabox depot in Wirksworth, Derbyshire, yesterday to meet Frank Lund and some of the volunteers who have been working tirelessly since 26 December meeting the thousands of requests for Aquaboxes to be sent to the disaster area in South East Asia.

Over the past four weeks, Aquabox have received donations in excess of £1,000,000. This compares with their normal annual turnover of £510,000. Well over two thousand Aquaboxes have been dispatched and many more are ready for shipment.

Frank Lund and his team would like to thank everyone for all the donations that have been made but would remind everyone that there are many other trouble spots in the world requiring Aquabox aid. Accordingly, they would appreciate if donations were not designated solely for SE Asia but that it be left to the Aquabox team’s discretion where the need is greatest.

As with my visit to Shelterbox last weekend, I was struck by the commitment and dedication of this group of our fellow Rotarians who have adopted a “can do” approach to one of the major issues in our world today, the provision of clean water following a disaster. The spirit of cooperation that exists between the Rotary clubs in the area through there support for the project by way of time given at the depot to pack and dispatch boxes as well as the spirit of cooperation that exists between Rotary and the local community bodes well for the future.


Gordon R. McInally
Rotary International in
Great Britain and Ireland

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