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8th. January 2006: (From Mark Pearson)
The girl and her son outside the Shelterbox tent lost her husband in the earthquake three months ago and is without any source of income. The National Rural Support Proramme of Pakistan (NRSP) have been her first point of contact. She received the ShelterBox yesterday. Obviously the snow has fallen and this is only the start, the people are desperate for shelter. I am off tomorrow for another distribution with the NRSP, who are the only guys doing anything above 5000ft.

7th. January 2006: Man carrying ShelterBox to his village. This will provide shelter, beds, warmth, light and heat for his whole family.

5th. January 2006: We have today despatched a further 250 ShelterBoxes to NRSP in Kashmir
to add to the 880 ShelterBoxes sent on 20th. December 05. These are to be used at high altitude in the Kashmir mountains which are now covered by the winter snows.

7th. January 2006: ShelterBoxes being distributed in Kashmir, the winter snows now cover the mountains.

20th. December 2005: The 880 ShelterBoxes sent on the 9th. have now arrived in Kashmir and are being distributed by the NRSP (National Rural Support Programme of Pakistan). National Project Director Malik Fetah Kahn said "these ShelterBoxes are invaluable especially to those in the higher altitudes as they have to endure the harshest weather for the longest time".

9th. December 2005: The snows have now arrived at higher altitudes in Pakistan. 880 ShelterBoxes are being sent during next week in two container loads, for the Earthquake victims and distrbuted through the PRSP (Pakistan Rural Support Programme) and ACTED, who have distributed previously.

9th. December 2005: 100 ShelterBoxes together with Aquaboxes and Emergency Boxes are being sent to Guatamala for the victims of floods and landslides, to be distributed by the Salvation Army.

13th. November 2005- In total we have moved 180 Shelterboxes by United Nations Humanitarian Air Services to Paras, a remote mountain top village situated 1000ft above Balakot. they are being distriibuted to further smaller village locations. The road to Paras had a landslide yesterday making logistics a nightmare. There are currently 1200 families out of which 800 families had no shelter so we are concentrating our efforts there until the mountain is covered. After that, the next location is Hangari.

8th. November 2005- "Yesterday It was a really hard climb, we travelled up 800ft about 3km above Sangar which is 1800m. Tomorrow is the big push into the Balakot mountains where 30 families all need shelter. The weather is getting colder here, it won't be long until it rains and what roads are left will be completly washed away. I woke up and my camp bed was rocking from the tremors, there are tremors almost every day and landslides blocking the roads".


3rd. November 2005- "Shelterbox UK has to date sent 7000 tents to Pakistan. Today we sent boxes donated by the UK public to an inaccessible village by mule. Until today there has been no relief tents sent there. The 32nd Battalion The Azad Kashmir Regiment assist in delivering Shelterboxes by mules up a 3000m mountain near the village of Sangar to victims left homeless due to the earthquake in Balakot, North West Frontier Province, Pakistan"This was the first aid to be delivered here.

17th. Oct. NORTH PAKISTAN - ."The weather is getting colder and the rain has made logistics a real problem for relief efforts to the most affected areas. I am currently in the Bagh area of Kashmir, 95% of the residents are living under the stars. We're setting up a tented village today which should house up to 600 people. The remaining Shelterboxes will be distributed by helicopter to other remote village locations".

13th. Oct. 2005 The 200 boxes are to be followed by a further 200 boxes arriving Islamabad on Friday 14th. October. Also a consignment of tents are in transit to Lahore.


200 ShelterBoxes en route for arrival in Islamabad Thursday also a two man 4R team. Distribution through the local Rotary District Governor of Islamabad.

26th. Oct. 700 Shelterboxs have been moved into the foothills of Kashmir into the regions of Balakol. It is planned to move the remaining 500 Shelterboxes into the same region in the next 2/3 days. The Shelterbox Trust intend to locate an additional two teams into the area by Monday 31 October, to spearhead this vital aid assistance.

24th. Oct. ISLAMABAD: Another 200 ShelterBoxes have arrived today making a total so far of 1,200 boxes plus a further 1000 separate tents. This provides shelter for up to 22,000 displaced people.

19th. Oct. ARJIA, KASHMIR - "We set up a total of 60 boxes in Kashmir. It was so steep that the Shelterboxes couldn't be transported so they carried the tents on their backs about 1km up to the highest point in the 2500m high village of Arjia in Kashmir. Until today there has been no aid here and these are the first tents to be delivered. All the families were very glad to receive them, most of the people lost everything and didn't even have enough for a cup of tea. Because of the high altitude the night time is way below zero so what we provided was a lifeline for these people. Tomorrow we are going to Ravlakot where there are 50 boxes and there are 60 boxes left to distribute in Bagh so we will find out more tomorrow.

"150 Shelterboxes have arrived in Bagh today by transport provided by the Rotary of Islamabad. The destruction caused to houses and buildings is huge and there are currently 3 million people displaced.30 boxes were set up on the road to Bagh by the Pakistani Army and tomorrow we are setting up 120 boxes in four different locations for tented villages. On Thursday we are going to Balakot where there are 50 boxes to set up another tented village, Friday there will be 200 boxes to set up another tented village in Muzaffarabad".

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