Refitting Irvine

Mon 15th August 2016 at 19.30 - 21.30

Weekly Meeting

Our speaker this week is Crawford Fulton of Clyde Imagineeering.  he will be talking about "Refitting Irvine - Making her Ship Shape for the 21st Century".

Clyde Imagineering (CI), a volunteer group which assists community-led regeneration, has launched the second phase of its involvement in the Ayrshire coastal town of Irvine. This will build on the work carried out from 2011 onwards by their volunteers. The 'Refitting Irvine' project will see CI dedicate their efforts towards developing a range of community initiatives.

There are two distinct parts of this project:

DEVELOP COMMUNITY ACTION: Helping people to form the new community groups which the town needs, in order to deliver a stronger, more attractive and more prosperous town

SUPPORTING COMMUNITY PROJECTS: Helping new and existing groups to deliver a range of community-led projects which will aid the regeneration of the town

Vote of Thanks - Sandy Niven
Receoption Duty - Jim Andertson