Entertainment Plans 2006-07

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In considering viable events for members entertainment in conjunction with the entertainment committee and other conveners, I am well aware that other activities – particularly those of the fundraising committee – have to be borne in mind when scheduling, with regard to both dates and content. To that end, we will propose only 4-6 events throughout the coming Rotary Year.

These events will be ostensibly for the entertainment of club members, and will not seek to generate funds, as I believe there is a desire within the club to have some purely social activities.

The three-man committee will meet whenever necessary to plan and delegate tasks to organise each event. 


  1. Some events are already in place, so with the “ if it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it” maxim in place, I will leave the Chartered Dinner, Caravan Weekend and Eric Spreng’s sporting extravaganza well alone, to continue as successfully as they currently do.
  2. The first scheduled event will be Wednesday, August 9th; (suggested by Messers Stirling and Riddell), and will be a visit to Edinburgh’s Festival Fringe, taking in a concert of music theatre at 8pm, with a meal in a nearby restaurant either before or after. The entertainment will be immodestly provided by yours truly and company.
  3. In conjunction with the programme convener, I propose to have a regular Tuesday night scheduled as a partners night, and stage a ‘dry-run’ of an interactive Race Night devised by Rotary members in the Aboye Club, possibly combining it with a quiz. This to be further developed once details are available.
  4. The idea of a car treasure hunt, possibly on a sunny Sunday in July, ending with a barbeque in some accommodating member’s garden, will be floated with the membership to see if there is any interest.
  5. Wine tasting evenings have been successful in the recent past, so we shall schedule a wine or champagne tasting evening to brighten up the dark winter months
  6. A theatre trip, either locally or to Edinburgh/Glasgow/Dundee to see a suitable production and taking in a meal, or to combine with a weekend away to Pitlochry is again an event to be put to the membership to see what take-up there would be. (Possibly for spring 2007)
  7. Lastly, I will stage another concert locally, following on from last Octobers. This is one event where entertainment and fundraising will cross-over, as the profit from the evening will again go to the club’s designated charities.

So those are the proposals thus far. [I had an idea for a straightforward party evening, possibly in the Crossford village hall, where everyone brings along booze and nibbles, and ask Adam Winski to bring his ceilidh band along to provide the music for the evening, but aside from wanting to sound out the membership on the popularity of such a suggestion, my thought had been to set that on St Andrews Night (or rather just the next night, being a Friday), but is very close to the quiz night planned for 24th November, and also, Possibly, the type of entertainment proposed for the Burns Celebration in February. So this would require further discussion to proceed.]

Details and dates still require to be firmed up of course, but the nature of the events tabled above will require very little financial outlay from the club, and hopefully will further camaraderie in the membership. I trust this will suffice for the report to the club assembly


Entertainments Convenor