It's not just about fundraising you know!

14 go mad in Danbury! A group of Rotarians and partners enjoyed the countryside around Essex recently when they went for a ramble around Danbury

At Jack's suggestion a bunch of us went for a morning ramble in the woods close to Danbury. Once Mark and Liz had arrived (some excuse about getting caught in traffic on the A12!) Jack led us on a walk he and Di had completed earlier in the week.

The plan was to go for a walk through the woods finding the scenery across Crouch vale, and enjoying each other's compapny and then back to the Cricketers for lunch. Well that was the plan.......

So off we went, venturing through the thick forest, crossing streams, fighting off wild animals (I lied about that last bit....) looking for adventure and a good pub lunch.

So, what happened?

Well John decided to move that large tree branch with his head, Marianne worked hard at crossing the streams without getting her feet wet, and Jack got lost.

What was that last bit?

Well, we got lost. We still don't know how, but we obviously missed a turn somewhere. The giveaway was when we saw the same pile of logs and dead tree for the third time. And despite the best minds that the Rotary Club have to offer we couldn't work out where we were, until we hit a road and was able to track where we were on the map.

At that point we had to make a decision. Do we carry on with the walk and be late for lunch, or do we head to the pub to get there on time? Needless to say, our stomachs made the decision. Ironic then that we got back to the pub before it opened.....

Great day had by all; many thanks for organising, Jack. Looking forward to the next one.

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