Santa's Grotto Pictures 18 November 2016

Fri 16th December 2016 at 17.59 - 17.59

Report and Pictures of Santa Grotto and his elves during the switch on of the Marlborough Christmas Lights on 18 November 2016 switch on

18 November 2016: Santa's Grotto with his Elves Comes to Town

Rotarians and their partners worked hard all day Thursday and Friday morning to prepare the Grotto for those very important people Santa Claus and his Elves. Despite making many intercontinental stops on the way to Marlborough, they managed to arrive as scheduled at 3pm prompt, just in time to welcome their first visitor.  From then until 8pm it was all go for the aged gentleman and his equally aged helpers as almost 200 children came to listen to his story and receive kind words and present.  The long flight had obviously not wearied the elves as they played mischief most of the time, delighting the children with their antics.  Meanwhile many of the parents availed themselves of the excellent cakes, tea and mulled wine at the Rotary cafe. 

Thanks must go to all who helped but particularly to June Oades and Jenny Larsson for their tireless work in managing the erection of the grotto, supervising all the children to see Santa and then tidying up afterwards. An equally large thank you to Bev Luxford for organising the tea and cake stall throughout the afternoon.  The event managed to raise over £1000, which will be amalgamated and final totals announced following the street collections in December.

The slideshow pictures above show scenes from the event.

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