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An overall summary of our Club to whet your appetite.

We are an active and vibrant club of around 40 members. We get great satisfaction from running various events to raise money for charitable purposes at home and abroad and assisting our local community in numerous ways. We also run regular social functions which help us to bond into a group of like minded individuals. We believe we have the right balance between work and pleasure and tend to be mutually supportive in times of need, as good friends should be.
Our membership is drawn from a wide area ranging from Elham in the South to Whitstable in the North and Wingham in the East to Faversham in the West. Members find it to be worth making the effort to travel as we offer an excellent experience to our members.
Our club is organised into committees running different aspects of club activities with most members playing an active role. The committees meet approximately every six weeks.
We tend not to be an officious club and are not too hung up on protocol. However we do like to ‘do things right’ and have a reputation for running ‘good’ events, both social and fundraising.

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How we are organised

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