Rotary in the Community/ The Rotary Club of Horwich Community Work

For the past few years, Sparrow Park, in the centre of Horwich, has been looked after by the Rotary Club of Horwich.

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After many years of neglect, the park needed a complete makeover, and a number of Rotarians cleared the ground, put many bedding plants and bulbs in the gardens, cleared and weeded the turfed area and re-laid part of the pathways. In addition they repainted the seating, railings and lights. 

Throughout the year individual Rotarians tend the gardens, with occasional group work. 

This week three Rotarians spent a couple of hours in the park adding more perennial plants and bulbs to the already donated planting to give fuller borders around the whole of the garden. Weeding and clearing of debris ensured the gardens were left in A1 order for the 2017 growing season. 

There has also been a recent addition of two more park benches in the park, for even more people to enjoy the park. 

The photograph shows David Howarth, Ian Powell and Geoffrey Pearson hard at work in the park.

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