Exhall Grange Gardening Day 2017

We worked with Pupils, Parents and Staff to help revamp the school's outdoor area.

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Headteacher: Mrs Christine Marshall

Get Active Get Outdoors Gardening day 31st March 2017

Dear Mary,

I am writing to express my thanks on behalf of the staff and pupils at our school for all the support and effort on our Gardening Day. Jubilee Rotarians came to support us and we could not be more grateful. Their efforts with digging new vegetable planting beds, preparing existing beds, painting the sheds and fences meant that our garden was transformed in the space of a day. Without your clubs support, we would not have managed to achieve so much in the day. As a result, our children can now begin planting vegetables to support our bid for a Bronze Food for Life award and we can grow fruit trees and bushes for the children to see how and where it comes from. We can now encourage the children to manage and maintain the planters we have – whether they are pots or wellies. We also have a fence that surrounds our Forest Schools area and, now painted, it is more in keeping with the site.

Our garden has now begun to take shape ready for the summer and the children can build on all the efforts of everyone who volunteered to help us on that day. A symbol of the Rotary Club was also donated to us and has pride of place by the Welly Wall.

Could you please say a huge thank you to everyone again for their support.

Yours sincerely,

Helen Hughes Assistant Head Teacher – Primary Lead

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