Rotary Young Writers

A flair for creative writing is a special gift and this competition promotes and encourages the work of young people who show talent. Read the excellent winning poem written by Amelie (aged 10 of Oreston School)

Love Conquers All
Love, such a simple word to write
But, oh, love guides you higher than a kite

Love such a powerful emotion
What is clear is Harry’s incredible devotion
To an American beauty that truly sparkles
Britain has fallen in love also, with a girl named Meghan Markle

Now the engagement’s been announced
Love truly is the thing that counts
It will guide them, teach them, show them the wayLet it be a rainbow on a rainy day

A new life together they will start,
A joining of hearts playing a special part,
In bringing two souls together
Bound by pure love, forever and ever.

It’s clear their happiness sparkles like glitter,
Their sweet look of love makes m
the morning birds twitter.

So raise your flags and decorate your towns
As soon we’ll be giving this lovely girl a crown.

This special celebration is almost here,So save your voices, give a cheer.
On My 19th twenty eighteen,
The Royal Wedding hosted by our Queen.
Harry and Meghan bring a message
Be brave, be bold, for love conquers all.