Bumba School Malawi

Exciting times at Bumba School.
All the classrooms are now furnished!

The first four classrooms are almost complete, both inside and out, at Bumba School in Malawi.

All that is left to do is to complete the draiange work at the side and rear of the building.

When the drainage work is complete thae school furniture will be deliver and the classrooms should be ready for the children to use after Easter. 

             Bumba  junior school- classroom furniture- 10 classrooms


A Coventry Jubilee Rotary Project 2017


Hi Ian enclosed at last the 2 sets of furniture of Jubilee projects with invoice. This now makes 10 classrooms have been furnished. Final invoice below has been paid. 


 Std 1 = 4 classrooms / Std 2 = 2 classrooms/ Std 3 =  2classrooms / Std 4= 2 classrooms































                                    THIS PROJECT IS NOWCOMPLETED




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