Rotary in the Community/ Ladies Fashion Show 2017

​Horwich Rotary embarked on a new idea to raise funds for our Charity Account. on 23rd March we organised a ladies fashion show, with an entrance ticket cost of £5 per person.

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200+ tickets were sold and the main hall at the RMI club was packed to capacity.

The show was run by a firm called Colours who took control of the fashion side of the evening after bringing their own clothes and models.

Redman & Casey kindly sponsored the evening  for us and sold around 50% of the tickets sold . Five retailers took a stall from us and sold things like Jewellery Bags and accessories, chocolates etc , which increased our profits from the evening.

At the end of the show, people were able to try on and purchase clothing which had been displayed on the catwalk.

Clothing was available at over 50% discount to their High Street prices. 

We were able to raise around £1900 for our charity funds, and people who attended all said that it was an enjoyable evening

Special thanks to Janet Casey for her help. Keith Maher - Community Committee Chairman